WOW… Just… Wow… Read it

I have to say this is the most encouraging, honest, faith-filled thing I’ve ever read. Thank you for so amazingly expressing faith in a fallen world… I am truly humbled…

Jay, I really appreciate your honest expression of thoughts! You are really open and honest with how you are feeling! I am a friend of your parents and we have met at Ivy Creek Church once so you may not remember me. Susan and I served for 30 years in Japan with MTW and I and all three of our kids graduated from Covenant. What you write about the inner feelings and longings of your heart remind me of all of us. In different ways we are experiencing the reality of our situation in life here on earth. What we long for may be different, but the fact that we long for such things that will bring significance, worth, personal fulfillment, security, point us to the uniqueness of what it means to be humans living under conditions that are imperfect. Our aspirations, longings and dreams make us aware that there should be something more, something better, something that fulfills me on a much deeper level than it does today! And the answer to conflicted feelings of sadness and emptiness is not, “Just wait for heaven where everything will be perfect and right and fair and totally satisfying.” While that is the believer’s bottom line hope that may enable him to bear all things, that hope alone may discourage engagement in the world at hand that we live in today. The calling that God has called us to is connected to the hope we gain from seeing the resurrected Jesus because it confirms to our hearts that physical life both today and in the new earth is important and something to be greatly anticipated. God does not look at our world today as tainted, evil and something to be removed from, but rather as something to engage in even though it is a dim reflection of what it will be when perfected. So whether in the military or work field or full time ministry the calling is the same–that is to enjoy this world for what it is now in light of the hopes of the perfect world and to engage in it where God puts us (for each phase of life he places us in) and by playing our part whether small or big, we are in the flow of history towards the grand end, the rebuilding of a new earth and new heaven. In this process we may find ourselves in places that are sad, lonely, hard, undesirable, but two things He will never remove you from; one, His promised presence and caring heart, two, the hope of a future that will fill the deepest longings of the heart I spoke of earlier.
In this process which God designs tailor-made plans for every person, it is important to remember nothing is a mistake and there is something to be gained from every situation we find ourselves in. As such, what you experience these next months overseas will change you perhaps more profoundly than if you stayed in more secure, familiar and normal environment, but if you see yourself in His hands and long to fill his plan for you, then your sense of waste, loss, life out of control can be replaced in a more quiet hope for today, tomorrow and beyond. And as sure as Jesus’ resurrection guarantees that the physical world is important and that He is in control so you can be sure of His presence and purposes for you are His kingdom fulfillment and therefore for your good!


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  1. D Doug Mallow Says:

    Jay, I to read Bruce’s comments on your latest blog… he and his wife still work at MTW and are now mentors for new and old missionaries… we are in their Life Group through Ivy Creek and continue to enjoy their fellowship and encouragement. They have and still do bless us with their wisdom and care as they have walked with us over the past three years.

    I was reading Wade Williams Care Bridge tonight and they passed on a portion of a devotion they had been reading today (you may remember Wade who was the Music Director at ChristChurch). As I read it I was reminded of our own journey and possibly where you may be… I hope it speaks to you as it did to me…

    “The king also himself passed over the brook Kidron.”
    2 Samuel 15:23

    David passed that gloomy brook when flying with his mourning company from his traitor son. The man after God’s own heart was not exempt from trouble, nay, his life was full of it. He was both the Lord’s Anointed, and the Lord’s Afflicted. Why then should we expect to escape? At sorrow’s gates the noblest of our race have waited with ashes on their heads; wherefore then should we complain as though some strange thing had happened unto us?

    The King of kings himself was not favoured with a more cheerful or royal road. He passed over the filthy ditch of Kidron, through which the filth of Jerusalem flowed. God had one Son without sin, but not a single child without the rod. It is a great joy to believe that Jesus has been tempted in all points like as we are. What is our Kidron this morning? Is it a faithless friend, a sad bereavement, a slanderous reproach, a dark foreboding? The King has passed over all these. Is it bodily pain, poverty, persecution, or contempt? Over each of these Kidrons the King has gone before us. “In all our afflictions he was afflicted.” The idea of strangeness in our trials must be banished at once and forever, for he who is the Head of all saints, knows by experience the grief which we think so peculiar. All the citizens of Zion must be free of the Honourable Company of Mourners, of which the Prince Immanuel is Head and Captain.

    Notwithstanding the abasement of David, he yet returned in triumph to his city, and David’s Lord arose victorious from the grave; let us then be of good courage, for we also shall win the day. We shall yet with joy draw water out of the wells of salvation, though now for a season we have to pass by the noxious streams of sin and sorrow. Courage, soldiers of the Cross, the King himself triumphed after going over Kidron, and so shall you.

    We love you son… thankful for your wonderful mind and desire to communicate God’s precious truths. We are thankful for where the Lord has you now, knowing that He will continue that work that He has begun until the time of His appearing!


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