iPad underwhelming? iPhone 4.0 might explain alot

After reading a lot of blog posts and articles about the new iPad one thing is consistent in all, the disappointment of not running Flash or multiple apps. However what I’ve yet to see is anyone realizing an explanation that makes perfect sense, iPhone 4. There is universal expectation that Apple will unveil the next generation iPhone later this year and if you look at the ship date for the iPad 3g a sense of logic emerges. The pressure for Apple really is on with its next iPhone offering. Both from Google’s Android and the fact that many iPhone users weren’t too incentivized to upgrade to 3gs. (like me) The 3gs really was a minimal software and hardware upgrade and the time is coming around that iPhone 3g contracts are up. So Apple really has to offer iPhone users a real incentive with a new device to upgrade and not look too hard at a competing device. So a lack of features on the iPad makes sense from an Apple perspective.

First there’s the secrecy issue. Say what you will NO ONE knew exactly what the iPad looked like or what it would really be capable of until yesterday. False pictures and wild speculation abounded. Keeping the iPad’s capabilities under wraps until the next iPhone allows Apple to present the iPhone as a step up for both devices instead of having well known features advertised almost half a year before that device hits store shelves.

Secondly there is the software development side.  The iPad  had to first be backwards compatible with existing apps then give a window of time for developers to upgrade. If iPhone 4.0 really is a step forward, giving developers another three months of wiggle room makes sense especially if some 3.0 apps will HAVE to be upgraded. It also lets app developers perhaps wait to update their app for both devices and offer varying features for both devices without having to reinvent the wheel more than once. Also the additional window of time lets people get used to the possibility that newer apps simply won’t work on their old 3g phones and iPods. (thus additionally giving them an incentive to upgrade)

The fact that the iPad 3g is being delayed a month I think is telling. It makes perfect sense to hold off on that product and announce the iPhone with the 4.0 SDK when the iPad 3g hits the shelves. This would give those who are looking at purchasing an iPad 3g more incentive to do so while tempering their expectations of the device out of the box.


2 Responses to “iPad underwhelming? iPhone 4.0 might explain alot”

  1. It looks cool, however, I’m pretty disappointed.

    If I’m going to pay that kind of money for a mobile device (especially one like that) . . . I want it to do everything a laptop can do. I want it to run Snow Leopard. I want it to work and function just like my MacBook. I want to be able to plug-in stuff (like a printer).

    I guess some of that the technology (at least at the cost) just hasn’t made it yet.

    The processor is fast for mobile devices, but it’s not for a laptop. So I’ll wait and see. If I can get my hands on one and play with it, I might change my mind. But right now, I don’t know that an update to the iPhone OS will get me on the band wagon just yet!

  2. So essentially Apple is purposely hobbling the iPad in favor of promoting the next-gen iPhone because they want people to shell out more money on both products? The explanation makes sense, but it certainly makes Apple out to be a bunch of jerks.

    As many people have taken note of, the iPad really is not designed to be busted out when and wherever you want, as an iPhone is designed to. It’s essentially a tactile-intuitive laptop. It’s not meant to cater to the same functions an iPhone is–and while many iPhone users would no doubt be interested in purchasing one, why effectively tell those who have no interest in buying an iPhone that the iPad is just a taster of things to come?

    My thought is that Apple could really be creating a different market, but instead they seem to want keep all their eggs in one basket–if what you say here is indeed their plan.

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