Someone else thought of that danggit

It’s funny when sometimes you have an idea that you think is unique or different and then find out that yes someone thought of that. Shortly after Christmas I was downloading songs from Itunes and watching Highlander and I thought, “I wonder why more bands don’t do movie soundtracks?” Say what you will about Highlander the movie, Queen’s songs were great and I defy anyone to say that “Who wants to live forever” isn’t one of the best fantasy songs ever.(I mean that both the content and music fit a fantasy story better than any one song I’ve ever heard) Queens work on Higlander and Flash Gordon, AC/DC’s on Maximum Overdrive, (which is the only good thing about that movie I can’t believe Rifftrax hasn’t done that one yet), and who can forget Bon Jovi on Young Guns, all these movies at least musically fit together very well. As my mind wandered on the possibility of a modern band doing a soundtrack the most obvious that came to mind was Muse. They have enough of an orchestral sensibility and their songs are thematic already.

Well someone thought of that. Rumor on the net today suggests that Muse may be doing the soundtrack to Clash of the Titans. Matt Bellamy has told the British Tabloid Daily Star that they were at least approached to do it. Weather they actually are/have done/will do the soundtrack Matt’s obscure on, citing Muse’s heavy touring schedule. Course that may be covering for the possibility that final decisions in post production about score and such are usually one of the last things that get finalized, they could be doing the whole score, or just a few parts, or just end up with one song on the soundtrack. Either way Bellamy was vocal about the band’s desire to do movies at some point.

Here’s crossed fingers that Clash of the Titans will be enhanced by the awesomeness of Muse in some way. I’d rather hear a Muse soundtrack sooner rather than later. I might not have been the first to think of it, but it’s still an awesome idea.


One Response to “Someone else thought of that danggit”

  1. OH MY GOD, this would be absolutely incredible. This would just seal my decision to watch this film, and on top of that I would buy the soundtrack in a heartbeat.

    Did I tell you that I thought somebody should make a space-rock-opera based on Muse’s albums, sort of like Equilibrium meets Star Wars?

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