Recently on a friend’s Facebook page someone mentioned a time capsule that was put together ten years ago at a party I’m pretty sure I attended. That got me thinking about the last ten years and what’s happened to me over that amount of time.

Addresses lived at: 10

Driven across country twice

Jobs held: 7

Years working 60+ hours a week: 5

Cell phones owned: 6

Phone #s: 3

Cell providers used: 4 (Sprint, Nextel, Verizon, AT&T)

PDA’s: 3 (including current iphone)

Computers owned: 3

Email accounts: One

Cars owned: 6

Churches: 2

“Pursued” relationships: 4

Friends I’ve had that have gotten married during this time: I count at least 20 (that’s conservative)

Number of weddings attended: I’m pretty sure around 12 or 13

Caregroups attended: 7

New Attitudes attended: 6

Church ministries served in: 5 (Chair set up, Hospitality, Worship, Visual, Singles)

Church “leadership” classes: 4

There were a lot of “too many to count” categories, but if I think of more I’ll edit them in.


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