New Moon Questions

Women have spoken. New Moon is another in a line of “chick flick” phenomena movies dating back to Gone with the Wind where box office success is driven mainly by women. Up until the success of The Dark Knight the two highest grossing movies of all time Gone with the Wind and Titanic were fueled mainly by a female audience. But what does that say about New Moon? Or better what does New Moon say about women today and should women and especially parents be a little concerned?

Here’s my thing, I’m a guy and I haven’t seen the movie, nor have I read the Twilight books. (I consider it a matter of personal pride that I’ve never seen Titanic either.) However I have found a common theme in both the critical reviews I’ve read and even the reaction of fans I’ve seen thus far. Unlike Titanic that I can at least say had a bit of a story from what I can tell New Moon’s appeal seems to come primarily from the sensuality of the appearance of the male actors. If this is the case it’s a shift in feminine attraction and one that should be a concern to parent’s especially.

Now I know the immediate objection, “Jay you’re having a problem with men being objectified! Join the club pal! Women have been objectified in every movie that’s ever been made!” Point taken, however there are cultural limits and norms that, at the very least, are recognized when it comes to men observing and “objectifying” women. One reviewer I read brought up a piercing observation, “if there were a movie that forty year old men were flocking to watch scantily clad seventeen year old girls there would at least be a measure of creepiness.” An even better question would be if the genders were reversed would parents forbid their thirteen to eighteen year old sons to see this movie?

It’s the last question that I think should be given a little thought especially for Christian parents. Again if a movie starring young women came out where one of (if not the) major draws of the movie was its sensual portrayal of women would young men be blithely expected to see it? Would it not instead be denounced and from a Christian cultural perspective forbidden? Having once been a teenage boy I can probably say with accuracy that the answers would be no to the first and yes to the second.

It is the lack of pause, the seeming lack of concern that worries me when it comes to New Moon. While the books themselves may be debatable as to the themes and appropriateness for younger women this movie in particular I think should be eyed more critically by my Christian sisters and parents of young girls in particular. At the very least I think some “turn-about is fair play” thinking should enter the conversation.


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