Classes I’m taking

I thought I’d post my impressions and likes on the classes I’m taking in college.  So in decending order from most enjoyed to… well… tolerated here they are:

1. Classical Liturature:  Believe it or not I took this class for pure fun, and it has been.  I swear I’m the biggest Lit geek in the class.  Seriously my homework is reading the Illiad, Odyssey, Aenid, Hesiod, and more to come?  And class work consists of offering my insights and opinions?  Seriously twist my arm.  Although the “research paper” is coming up and that’ll be different from the writing I’m used to.

2. Intro to the Old Testament:  On one hand this class really isn’t teaching me anything new per se, but my professor Dr. Ward is making up for that.  Already I’ve posted my critique of the book we were required to do for the class.  Really what’s most interesting has been interacting with the faculty.  How neat is it that most are former pastors with a real pastor’s heart towards the students.  This for me has been unique in that perhaps more than other faculty members they’ve acknowled a maturity in me even in my writing ability.  Already I’ve been encouraged to take upper level classes next semester with the unspoken inference that if I’m exceptional in upper level, well lower level classes might not be needed…

3. Sociology:  This is the class that I’m learning the most in.  Mostly it’s been fascinating to put my own experiences in sociological terms. (especially Marine Corps Boot camp)  Also Prof. Vos is closest to me in age and keeps making analogies and cultural references that sadly only I get.

4. Christian Mind: Ok this is the first “required” course for everyone that comes to Covenent.  It’s somewhat tedious (for both the professors and students involved) but I’m running an A and at least the class is over in a month.

5. College Life:  I had to take this class (one hour course credit) because I havn’t been to school for a while.  It’s things like reading, studying and time management.  It’s just a doing the work kind of class.

6. Phys Ed: There is one course at every school that pretty much everyone hates.  That even the faculty members from other departments kind of roll their eyes at.  You would think that having two hours of PE already thanks to the USMC I wouldn’t be taking this course, but this is the first roadblock of institutional lack of common sense I’ve encountered. (personal lesson- every department thinks itself important)  It’s mostly easy work (I mean who doesn’t know how to download a PDF or Podcast?), and I’ve come to the peace that if I don’t get an A in this class it won’t kill me.  It’s just credit hours.

As far as social life/friends I really don’t have one on the campus.  As I told one of my professors last week, “I’m really not going to find a ‘clique’ that I fit in.”  But it’s only been a month and I know I’m someone that has to be warmed to, and warm to others.  Hopefully as classes progress and more familiarity grows more relationships will develop.  One positive in getting to know people has been work study.  I’m essentially a janitor in the gym and it’s been humbling, but I’ve been able to get to know some fellow students and vice versa.

So mid-terms are fast approaching and we’ll see if my academic prowess continues…


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