A Father’s reaction


I saw this while surfing and couldn’t help but be affected.  Catching a foul ball is the Holy Grail of any attendee of a ballpark.  The odds are so scarce that to actually have done it (and in this case the guy did it barehanded) is priceless.  But what has captured the heart of the internet world is this father’s action after catching that which was priceless, he hands it to his daughter who promptly throws it away.  It is the moment of “Oh NOOOO!!!”  and the restructuring of values that happens in that split second that make all the difference.  What’s seen in this scene is a father’s love for his child.  She ultimately is the most important thing to him, this seemingly “priceless” experience pales in comparison to holding the true treasure he has close. (you note that he continues to hold her tight even after the moment has past) I couldn’t help but think and tear up that God deals with us in the same way.  He gives precious and irreplaceable gifts and like a toddler we throw them away.  And what is His reaction?  Partial dismay but overwhelming love.  Because we to Him are more than the “baseballs” He hands us.  We are His precious thing.  He knows our frame and perspective that we don’t always know what’s priceless, but He’s quick to remind us that we are…


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