Life Cont…

Continuing on in the saga of my life here at school.  First off God has been gracious to guide me to a room to rent.  It’s hard to believe that I only have to pay $600 for rent for the next three months but there you have it.  I’m getting to know my husemates and it’s actually a good setup since they are older and out of school. 

Then there’s work study.  It’s been very humbling to engage in pretty much “make work” for my first two days.  Thankfully it’s just a means of making some money and if I get the opportunity to persue other employment I cad drop the work study if I care to.  Still it’s been a challenge to take orders and experience a bit of ribbing for being a “freshman” when in capability and experience I far exceed my “senior” supervisors.  It’s been an opportunity to give up my pride.  Also on that thought I’m finding how much pride I’ve taken in my experience and how much I’ve expected to be treated differently because of my age.  It’s just one of those reality smacking things to find out that no one really cares.  So I work harder to prove myself in this arena and rely less on what’s gone on before. 

Thankfully my grades so far have been excellent.  That’s been encouraging since a part of my attending school was to see if I actually could write.  So far that gifting is being affirmed.  So we’ll continue to press on and see how life unfolds up here on the mountain.


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