The beginning of my life among the “Twitterpated”

Ok so I thought I’d actually write and update what’s been happening so far and relate my impressions of school and my life so far. It’s been just two weeks at school and over a month since I left my life in California. On both accounts it feels as if it’s been a lot longer. I’ve been amazed at the uniqueness of the college I’m attending. There is definitely a palpable difference in both the class environment and just the campus atmosphere due to the “reformed” perspective of the school. I couldn’t help but think in my first days, “These people are my people.” In both theology and lifestyle the campus is very reminiscent of Sovereign Grace. One of the things that is incredible is how much they integrate faith and learning. Form the invocation to each class starting with prayer, to my first Intro to Old Testament class the professor starting class out reading from The Chronicles of Narnia. There have been so many neat little things in each class to confirm my decision to not “waste my time” and come to this school. Also I look forward to introducing both the school to the richness of Sovereign Grace and vice versa. ( I think it’s funny that most people I know simply don’t know this school exists)

As far as the transition to college life there is of course the dual issues of both the actual work and integrating into the campus. On the work aspect I’ve been pleasantly surprised that it hasn’t been all that difficult. Perhaps partly because I both don’t have the social pressures and don’t feel the need to experience the “social” aspect of college and as well an earnestness born out of having to manage time and complete tasks in order to survive that I’m finding the “work load” far from overwhelming. In relating to my fellow classmates however there is a disconnect. From now on I’m redefining the term “Twitterpated” to refer to those under the age of twenty five that cannot hold more than a 140 character conversation. It has been revealing to see how really short their attention span is. If you’re trying to tell a story it’d better be a short one. Of course they’re learning in class to overcome this but still it’s a gap that I’m trying to overcome in my relating to others. As I thought I actually relate more to my professors than my fellow classmates.

Ironically it’s my life off campus that’s been the greatest source of stress. I’ve still not found a “permanent” living situation and I’ve had “delays” in getting the finances to be able to seriously pursue longer term living. But I do have a couple of options. Also I’ve applied to Starbucks and I’m praying that I’ll get a call back interview this week.

So it’s still a week to week exercise of faith. I’m loving my classes and in faith that God has given me a great opportunity to learn and grow in uniquely challenging ways. It’s definitely a “so far so good” kind of thing right now but it’s been good so far.


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