Holding on to the Unchangeble in the midst of change

I tried to read Augustine’s confessions at one time I really did.  But I came to this one “praise” for God in the first chapter and put the book down knowing that it’ll take rest of my life to comprehend this truth. “Thou who workest in eternity by unchangably changing everything.”  Take a moment to meditate and it’ll blow your mind.  That God works all things throughout time so that He is the ONE constant in the universe.  He works in our lives so that He is the ONLY thing that is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  That seems platitudinal untill you have a “pillar” of truth in your life knocked out from under you, something that you always thought would stay the same forever, or at least would always be how you remembered it.  Then that thing changes.  Even though familiar it’s now different.  It’s “through the looking glass” where everything is similar yet inverted and distorted.  What you thought would never change has become a shallow copy of the bedrock you thought it once was.  This is where the Alpha and Omega enters in with the force of omnipotence.  It is at the momet of seeing the utter fleetingness of the temporal that we encounter the eternal.  This is where God’s Holiness and grace meet in their infinitude.  HE WILL NEVER CHANGE.  Moreover the nature of this unchangeble disposition is displayed in the cross.  Not only has God said that He is eternally poised to love and be gracious to us, but He has “staked” His very nature, His Son, upon that word.  God works by unchangably changing everything, not only so that we can learn who He really is in the midst of our lives, but also to show His disposition towards us even in the midst of the chaos of change.  Change is God’s agent.  “Pain is God’s megaphone.”  I do not wonder that we are given cares too much for us to bear so that we may find out truely how much He cares for us.


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