Walking in Memphis

What is a day of rest?  Is it just taking a day to not work, to lounge about and do nothing?  Is it rather taking a day to enjoy the day in the day and leaving tomorrow to fend for itself.  Yesterday I purposefully took a day off driving cross country to enoy Memphis and particularly Beale street.  I could talk about the music, how sweet my first beer in two days was, or the food, but it was the mentality of the day that I thought I’d write about.  Why in the world with limited funds, and a need to get to Chatanooga ASAP would I take a day to spend about $200 in food and drink?  Because faith is more than just moving into the unknown, it is living while moving into the unknown.  It is taking an opportunity because it is there and enjoying every second entrusting the future to God.  This is what I think Jesus meant when He said, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.”  God means for us to enjoy our rest and the moment and leave the future to Him.  It’s apart of how He designed us and this world.  Sadly I think all of us can get to caught up in what we “should” be doing and miss the good that we can enjoy. (Mary vs. Martha)  It is a liberating thing to not check an account balance before taking in a pleasure.  To simply trust that this moment is worth all the money in the world.  To paraphrase a movie, quote, “There’s always MONEY, people are printing more of it all the time, but THIS, this is an EXPERIENCE.”   I’m coming to the firm conviction that fun requires more faith than we think…


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