Neverending Story

I hate the nights where you know you need to sleep, you’re even tired and yet you can’t drop off.  So you “force” yourself to try and sleep trying to think of anything to relax and bring about sleep.  You think over the day, the last month, your life, then somewhere in the night dream and rememberance begin to twist together.  Fact and fiction meld and you can’t tell for a time what really happened.  That made me think this morning of that old movie The Never Ending Story where the book reflects the kids life and the kids life is mirrored in the book.  I think life is more like that than we realize.   How we look back on the past, how close or not you were to particular people, even weather or not a period of time was a “good time” is an amalgamation of “fact” and “fiction”.  There is the actual things that we experience and then there is the “fiction” of our interpretations.  But that isn’t to say that the “fiction” isn’t important, it’s deadly serious because we make decisions based on the “fiction” we make up.  What’s amazing is that God not only orchestrates the “facts” in our lives, but can also use our “fiction” to shape our lives as He wills.


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