A perfect night

A car ride with friends bickering and cutting me down mercilessly for my driving ability.  Getting “lost” then through the miracle of the iPhone magically finding our way there.  Fellowshipping with my “brother” in Christ John about the risky moves God’s called us to.  Sitting in a corner of a pub with friends and Aaron’s kids playing Wii.  Tickling Adelee (Aaron’s little girl) and eating her offered french fry.  There are few times in life where loss strips away the pretense of life and you have a moment of meaning.  All of a sudden you see what really matters.  You want to drink everything in, remember it, and cherish every second.  Then you realize that this has been normal.  This has been your life for so long, and only now you realize how precoius it was.  To quote a favorite movie, “Nothing is trivial.”  Part of me wants to weep for the loss.  Partly for the loss of what I could have had if I and others hadn’t let “schedules” dictate our lives.  If we had been just a bit riskier with our hearts and emotions in “hanging out” with others, what memories could we have made?  However I’m so grateful to God for the myriad of memories that flood my mind of “trivial” times of fellowship.  I wonder if Heaven won’t be so much singing choirs and streets of gold surrounded by millions, but more like sitting in a pub off the golden street (ask anyone of English, Scottish, or Irish descent there WILL be pubs in Heaven) with friends you know and know you fellowshipping and loving one another.  It’s so easy to loose sight of the times where we pass through the Shadow Lands and enter another country altogether.


One Response to “A perfect night”

  1. Oi, Jay. how true and sober those moments of that acute consciousness of changing states of affairs and it’s hard to wrap your mind around it bec it hasn’t been through to the other side of the change. We just know THAT things are changing. We can describe all the details and particulars of our preparations and intentions for that change but not how we will feel or process or interpret or the consequences of the change. Good depiction of that feeling, man. When do you shove off?

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