Called to Ministry Pt. 3

A Person

God doesn’t call us to a process as an end in itself; it’s the means to a person Jesus Christ. The character qualities Paul lists in 1st Timothy 3 aren’t “prerequisites” as if there’s a “leadership checklist”. Rather they are evidences of a mature and growing relationship with Jesus Christ. The call to ministry is a call to an ever deepening personal relationship that is reflected in the way we live. The “goal” isn’t to “arrive”, but to in the process become more like the Savior we profess to love and follow. The call to ministry isn’t so much a call to “get somewhere” as to “know someone”. Again the analogy of relationships is helpful. It’s easy to discern between friends, best friends, lovers, and married lovers. You can look at a relationship and tell fairly quickly by observing, where that relationship is. What they do, and how they act toward the other person reveals the relationship. Now the relationship may be progressing or not, that takes a bit more discernment and involvement, but it’s easy to tell between a “friend” and a “married lover”. The one called to leadership is a “married lover” of Jesus Christ. Not only is their love evident but it’s committed. In the call to ministry all of us should be in the process becoming more and more a “married lover” of Christ. What we do in growing and expressing that love, and how we get to that point really is less important than the one we love. What’s more important to a Bride and Groom on their wedding day? The fact, that they are getting married? Or is it that they are getting married to the person standing next to them? Are we called to “ministry”? Or called to be a minister of Jesus Christ?


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