Called to Mintstry Pt. 2

A Process, a Person, and Particular People not a Profession

The funny thing about listening to the messages was that Dave Harvey kept replacing the phrase “Noble Task” with “Good thing”. This brought to my mind Proverbs 18: 22 “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD.” The verses do seem a little similar and in my imagination who knows? Could this be an in-joke between Paul, and the “Single Elder” Timothy? (Especially since the root Greek word for “Noble” is “Beautiful?) Probably not, but the parallel between marriage and ministry is real. Imagine a young man coming to our church. He’s attractive, well spoken, and well dressed. From all outward appearances this guy looks like a good guy. However, imagine if on the third Sunday, this guy pulled aside one of the single ladies and said this, “God’s given me a vision and desire for marriage. Furthermore, I’ve got a great job so I’m a good provider, and there are many other things that God’s done in my life that would make me a great husband and father. I feel God calling you to marry me so I can pursue God’s will in my life.” (Don’t laugh I’ve known guys that have actually done this.) At this point a father or pastor needs to take that man aside and say, “Um, you’re missing a part of the process here, if not the whole point.” Sadly, this is how we normally view our gifting and callings within the church. That the church is supposed to supply the fulfillment of our gifts because, isn’t being fulfilled our American Christian God given right? The problem really isn’t that we’re prideful (though we are) it’s that we impose a secular process in seeking a vocation where God has a different process and agenda. In seeking a secular profession you start with a “dream”, go to school, work hard, and achieve your goal. In Gods paradigm He starts with character.(1 Tim. 3:2-7) The trouble is that character isn’t something you learn from a book, you can’t tell a person’s character from a degree. It’s something proven through the process. Think back to the relationship analogy. If two people are attracted to each other they can observe from afar, get counsel, and talk to every other person in the world, but sooner or later they just have to start dating to really get to know each other, to really discern each others character. (Yes I didn’t use the “c” word and I’m not apologizing.) In the broader church context the only way you and I really know where and to what ministries you and I are called in the church is to start serving. Get involved in the process, because ultimately God isn’t just calling you and me to the process for the process sake. He’s not calling us to build and display character for character’s sake. He isn’t calling us for our sake and the sake of the gifts He’s given. He isn’t even calling us for the sake of those we serve.


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