A bigger God

I’ve been reflecting this evening on a comforting quote that I wrote a while ago.  “God is bigger than what I happen to think He is doing in my life.”  It’s so easy to begin to obsess over what I think God might be doing, over what I’m doing ot not doing in His will, and where He ultamately will lead that I lose perpective that God ultamately is in control and that He has a purpose for my good.  God is bigger than my efforts.  God is bigger than my giftings.  God is bigger than finances, future, relational struggles, and even scary totally new future ramifications.  God holds hearts, minds, and acceptences.  God one way or another has good in store.  He is the one illuminating the minds reading my essays for application.  it’s not my skill as a writer that commends me but the Holy Spirit.  If He approves, who cares?


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