Called to ministry Pt 1

I was apart of Sovereign Grace Chesapeake back when the Pastor’s College was first started. Back then, it seemed that every guy wanted to go to the Pastor’s College. Now to be honest, that desire really didn’t spring up from a real sense of “calling” to be a pastor, it was more of an expectation that if you were really spiritual and loved God that’s where you were supposed to end up. That and Sovereign Grace Girls dig “leaders”. (And no you don’t have my permission to make t-shirts.) I shared this with Ron not too long ago and His response went something like this (referring to the leadership desire not the girl part) , “I almost wish we had that problem. It seems to me that most young guys don’t see the ministry as a desirable vocation.” In encouraging me in perusing a desire for ministry, Ron encouraged me to read the “Are You Called?” pamphlet put out by Sovereign Grace and listen to the messages from the conference of the same name. He also asked me to write and share what insights I’d gained and summarize both the Pamphlet and Messages to encourage and exhort the rest of the church through this article. What I hope is that not only will I spur thought in those that might be thinking about a call to vocational ministry, but also to exhort everyone because everyone in the church is called to “ministry” within the church in one form or another.

Desiring the “Noble Task”-Why not you?

:1 The saying is trustworthy: If anyone aspires to the office of overseer, he desires a noble task.

The call to ministry begins, of all places, with a desire for ministry. That desire in and of itself isn’t arrogance or presumption but rather, it is a good desire to have. Too often the desire for vocational ministry is immediately dismissed as pride, when God often does place that desire in our hearts. Bidding the question, “Why not you?” Before you think of why you shouldn’t pursue ministry, a great place to start is why you should. Do you have a desire? Ok that’s the start point. We tend to think that the “call to ministry” involves parting heavens, the audible voice of God, and maybe a dove. However, the vocational call to ministry is just like every other “calling” God places in our lives. (1Cor. 7:17-24) The ones we are free to actively pursue are the ones that we desire to pursue. (The “callings” that we don’t want to pursue, that God still calls us to, normally are the callings that pursue us.) Within the broader context of the church as well, in almost all ministry opportunities the question, “Am I called to serve here?”, can initially be answered by the question, “Do I desire to serve?” But it’s not just about desire. And what is it that we’re supposed to desire, anyway?


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