“Semper Fi”

I’ve been thinking about the story that I related in an earlier post about the Barbary wars.  I keep thinking about what William Eaton must have said after being given the daunting task of overthrowing an entire government and conquering a nation.  He must have asked, “So how many men do I get?”  “Nine Marines.”  Now because I’m a former Marine, any Marine would say to that, “Good to go.”  Give me nine Marines, give me nine “Always faithful” men and I can do anything.  But this has sparked in my mind a question, “Am I ‘Semper Fi’?  Am I a ‘Biblical Marine’?  Am I one of the ‘Few and the Proud’?”  In thinking about this Biblically I had to go to the Mighty Men of David.  These guys were BADASS!!!  These guys would stand toe to toe with King Leonidas and His 300, with Maximus Aurelieus, with Achillies, whomever.  I started looking at what made them “the three”.  Hopefully in the coming posts I’ll flesh out my initial thoughts.  That they all:  1.Stood alone  2.Fought till exaustion  3. Their greatest feat was an act of love


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