“Worship team” writing

I like singing, but I’m deathly afraid that I can’t sing.  Many people think they can sing but they really can’t. (American Idol)  When I joined the worship team a year ago I was tentative.  I’d only been on stage once or twice, and in all honesty I didn’t even know how to hold a microphone.  This was a step of faith for me.  That God was calling me from the back seats where I was comfortable, to be in front of everyone.  I felt God calling me to grow as a worshipper.  And getting in front of everyone (which went against every natural tendency I posess), was the only way I was going to grow as a worshipper.  Getting in front of people and HAVING to worship was the only way I could grow.  It was scary. it was nerve wracking, and extremely awkward.  But I was pressed into worship.  However, after two months, I didn’t want to get off the stage.  And now after a year, I know that the notes I hit sound good to those out in the congregation.  That I actually CAN sing.  I can’t help but think that I’m being “pressed” in a similar way with my writing.  To be honest I don’t think I’m any good.  Let’s face it, I’m English 101 material.  I’m tempted to look at what I write and think, “Am I communicating anything to anyone?   This makes sense to me but am I connecting with anyone else, or are they just confused?”  To those that have checked out this blog, know where I’m coming from.  I’m deathly afraid that what I write will be untruthful or misunderstood.  My prayer is that like my joining the worship team God will empower me to continue to write and that you will be blessed in some way.


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