Why hasn’t this movie been made?

After hearing about Capt. Phillips release by sniper fire I was reminded yet again of a time when America stood up to pirates.  I’ve done a little reading on the Barbary Coast war and the one story that gets to me (mostly because I was a Marine) is the story of the taking of Durne.  Every time I even look at this story I wonder why no movie has been made about this.  I mean the story itself is incredible.  William Eaton, Lt. Presley O’Bannon and eight Marines get off a ship.  They then round up 500 Greek, Arab, and Berber mercenaries, trek 500 miles through the Libian desert dealing with the tension between the minority Christian and 200-300 Muslem members of their “army”.  They also endure more than one threat of mutiny.  Then when they finnaly get to Derna, they take the city (which was the first American victory overseas) THEN barely repel an army that had come to retake the city.  And this isn’t a “pro-American, anti-Muslem” story.  The American’s were working to restore the rightful ruler of Derne and HAD to trust their Muslem counterparts.  This is an epic story made even more so by the fact that it actually happened.  I’d pay to see a movie like that.


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