Unsolicited advice

OK here’s my advice to the American Car companies. 1.  MERGE  GM had a plan to merge with Chrysler last year so do it already.  Take the best and throw away the rest.  Really do you think any upstanding American want’s to drive a Fiat?  2. Forget the “fuel efficient sub-compact”  This is where American comanies have failed.  Dodge Neon, Chevy/Geo anything.  But where American companies thrive is where Americans love, trucks, muscle cars, and luxury. (namely Cadillac) Corvette, Hummer, Escalade, even the new Dodge entries of Challenger harken to deep seated American iconography.  And of course there’s the GMC truck line. (which has kept the company afloat)  Stop trying to focus on cars Americans NEED and instead focus on cars Americans WANT.  Instead of making a car you have to beg people to buy, make cars people have to get on waiting lists to get.  Institute immediately a Rolex/Rolls Royce garuntee that American cars are premium quality.  Period.  Then back that up.  THEN you can introduce stylish medium and sub-compact fuel efficient cars that people are reluctantly willing to settle for.   Sadly with the government and the Auto Unions mucking about this probably won’t happen.  But hey, I think we’ll have to look forward to the GM/US government crappy car that will be available “for the unfortunate”, and the GMC government provided farm vehicle. (And somewhere a Russian Lada stalls and dies)


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